Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The flood

With all the trouble I've had with my apartment, my last day there was typical. I went there today to toss some old furniture and clean the floors. At one point while I was mopping, I noticed the floor was much wetter than it should be. It was then I realized there was two inches of water all over the bathroom floor and it was pouring into the living room. I spent three hours trying to mop it up - but I gave up when the water started turning red. I had also noticed some water seeping out of the side of the house and into the street. I had called the guy who takes care of the building and didn't hear from him, even after several more messages. I finally got him to come check it out around 8:30. He think it was coming from the roof and through the wall. We also found more water in the closet when he got there. I am so glad my furniture and everything was out of there. So on the one hand, I am tired and achy and wasted most of my day. But at least there wasn't damage to my stuff. And now I gave back the keys and I don't ever need to go back there.


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