Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The move

I think I am finally recovered enough to write about the move on Sunday. It was pretty crazy.
I hired movers this time because my friends had a hard time getting some of my furniture into my apartment. It's an apartment that's down a narrow little alleyway and they put some ugly tears in my couch.
So I went with a company that my storage facility recommended. The guy gave me a good rate and said he might be able to do better once he saw what he was in for.
I am always a nervous wreck before moving. I didn't have much help this time around. I'm not really friends anymore with the guys who helped last time. One of them was Khoder, who is in Fla. with Randi, and the other is my brother, who had appendix surgery this year and shouldn't lift stuff. Mom just had knee surgery. Dad almost had a heart attack. So I was packing and getting things ready on my own.
Saturday night Mr. Mover called me to say they couldn't finish their Saturday job and would need to wrap it up Sunday morning. So he wouldn't be there at 8, maybe 11. Well at 11:30 he called me to tell me they still weren't done and that the person they happened to be moving was Alicia Keys. (Don't know if I believe that! I said Alicia should pay for my move since I was being inconvenienced!
They finally showed up a little after 1 p.m. I had been waiting all morning. The fridge and AC were already unplugged, I hadn't eaten all day, and I had worked the night before. That means I was not in a good mood.
This truck was huge. It didn't fit in front of my building and they had to park it illegally at the end of the street and wheel all my stuff down there. The crew of 5 guys was pretty impressive - they had everything out of there in under an hour.
So we were all ready to leave but no one could fine Mr. Mover. He wasn't with the truck. He had his keys and he didn't have the phone. We were sitting outside baking waiting for him to show up for almost 20 minutes.
When he got there - I told him I didn't think this was very professional and he said he didn't need my business or need to be there. I must have gave him the dirtiest look ever because he said he's take the time off and got things moving.
They had me ride along in the truck because we had to make several stops. My fridge was going to my mom's friend's house. Some of my stuff was going to mom's. Then other stuff had to be picked up, and then we had to head to storage.
Well this guy would not shut up! He went on about how he almost died because he hadn't eaten all day (mind you neither had I) and that he'll get the job done and I'll be so impressed, blah, blah, blah. He wanted to borrow my phone so he could call his wife and his girlfriend, and then told me about how being a mover is a great job because the women won't ever know where you are. Real nice.
When we got to my mom's, he spend another 20 minutes chatting with mom and grandma while the crew did all the work moving my stuff upstairs and the other stuff into the truck. They were done and he was still yapping away.
I will give the crew a lot of credit because they got it all done - with 3 stops - in 3 hours. But I told this guy, if I ever recommend him (which I won't) I would tell people to make sure to make him food so he doesn't disappear on you!

I spent the rest of the day (and most of my time since) trying to sort through everything and make myself at home. The computer is set up and internet connection working properly. Also got the cable connection in my room set up. Of course, I only found my hair brushes today, but that's not as important!
I still need to clean out the old place, take down my posters, spackle and paint a bit. For now, my goal is just to unpack at least 1 box a day. Got four done today, so I'm not doing too badly.


Blogger shelly said...

Glad you've moved out of the previous apartment and now settling down in your new place. The unpack-1box-a-day is a good start ;)... Oh yes, I'd have set up my 'puter and internet first thing too! LOL!

August 28, 2005  

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