Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thanks to Giving to Khoder Day! (That's what Khoder has renamed the day since it's his birthday.)
Hope everyone is stuffed on turkey and all the trimmings. I had a great time today. Taylor was dressed up like a little diva with pin-stripped black pants, pink t, black bolero sweater and cute little mary janes. Her daddy thought she was too young to be dressed like that - but she was just too adorable. We actually got some cute pics of her and Rocky too, which is usually impossible, but Taylor wanted Rocky to sit by her and play with her, and he sort of listened. As soon as she saw her little place setting on the table, she climbed into her booster seat and INSISTED I sit next to her. This was a good while before dinner. She told everyone where they could sit and waited for everyone to sit down so she could eat her rice, corn and brocolli. (No turkey for her! And the brocolli ended up on my plate - gross!) Khoder liked the scrapbook I gave him and the card I made with a turkey with his face on it. I did have some apple pie before I left for work, but I hope there's some chocolate cake left for me when I get home tonight.

I am not crazy enough to go shopping tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to all the awesome scrapbooking sales!
I even put most of my stuff at Scrapdish on sale for 50% off through 11/30.


Blogger Tania said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving Robin! I can't wait to see pics of Taylor and Rocky!!

November 25, 2005  

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