Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ok that felt better

Feel so much better after venting a little. I have had too little sleep, have been working too many hours, spending too much time at the computer, not consuming enough alcohol, getting sick of my living arrangements, and then had a nasty spat at work.

But here's something that cheered me up. I opened up my pay check. I think I have enough for my new computer now! WOOHOO!

Thanks for listening to me whine.


Blogger Carrie Stephens said...

Teehee.. you sound so much like me Robin! I think that this weekend i too shall consume some alchohol! maybe thats what i need...not just a little but, A WHOLE LOT! LOL Glad to hear that the paycheck cheered you up.. that new computer is going to ROCK!!! definately splurge and go with a 19 inch monitor :) (if you dont have one already, you will never know how you survived without it! LOL)

February 01, 2006  

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