Saturday, April 08, 2006

Grey's blog

I love the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog. They are in love with their characters as much as I am! :) And pretty much every other word is seriously, which is a riot. Shonda Rhimes says one of the writers got them all addicted. So I like that they are writing for their characters the way they speak.

Here's how I can tell even more that I am obsessed. And it's not just Grey's. Lately on Saturday nights, I start thinking about what's on Sunday. I check the network sites to see if there's a new episode. Greys, Housewives, the Simpsons, Sopranos, Big Love. Enough to keep me busy for days and I watch it all in one night and still manage to get to the night owls chat.

Seriously, last week's Grey's was so great. I loved it all. Burke not knowing who Madonna was. George being Ortho Doc's McDreamy. Meredith pounding a cast with a hammer. Christina and Chief competing. Mer having a sister she didn't even know about. The hot vet. But the best part was when George covered for Meredith when her dad was looking for her and saying all those great things about her. Just wanted to hug him!

Sunday's shows make me so happy. Unlike Wednesday's LOST, which makes me crazy!!!!! I'll have to post about that some other time. That and how Paulie Walnuts on the Sopranos should have his own spinoff.

Can't wait for maƱana!

(Oh yeah, and check out my new 10 list.)


Blogger Gina said...

I stayed up until 4:00 one morning getting caught up on Big Love (gotta love OnDemand). I love it! I wish Grey's Anatomy was on OnDemand so I could watch it. :P It comes on right around bedtime and I've never seen any of an episode until last week - saw the very end (the hot vet).

Speaking of OnDemand, I watched what they had for Sex in the City -- season 4 stuff. I dunno, as much as I tried to fight an addiction to that show, I can see it happening. I'm thinking I'm going to have to join Netflix just so I can watch it from Season One

April 09, 2006  
Blogger Audimc said...

Amen sister! I agree with everything you said! I will have to check out the writer's blog. Seriously, I love Grey's!!! LOL

April 10, 2006  
Anonymous Tania said...

Seriously! Love all those, Paulie definitely needs his own show, and his hair lately, killing me. Why did we outlaw Polygamy again, I want a second wife, especially now that Joel is working days, LOL!

April 10, 2006  

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