Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have been on a mission to get healthier. I am not calling this a diet because I hate that word and all that has ever meant for me was failure! But I've been doing little things like bringing dinner to work (stocked up on Lean Cuisines), remembering to eat lunch (instead of stopping at the drive through), trying not to eat before bed, drinking more water. Stuff like that. Changing habits, but not starving myself. And it ain't easy. Especially when there is a ton of Easter candy in the house and my mom is always restocking the oreos. I've been getting a lot of exercise between helping with Randi's move and Easter, so I've been trying to keep it up by taking walks. The weather has been just perfect these last few days and I got myself a cute pink ipod holder at Target ($5 - not like those $30 ones in the Mac store). So all I can say is that I am ACHY but at least I'm a little motivated so that is good!

Randi's got movers coming on Friday. I'm so happy because I won't have to drive all the way up there to pick her up or visit. She'll be about 5 blocks away. (And Rocky too!) They got a pretty good deal on the apartment. And the paint looks super cool. I really love the living room, which has 2 orange walls, and her office which is green and tan. I'll have to take some pics. I promised my friend Raffy I'd host a candle party for him so we can get that planned once they're all moved in. Have to have it her place because she's much neater than I am!

I've been so busy I haven't had time to create anything or scrap. But I got to work today on my secret project with the help of my new tablet! I got a 6x8 Wacom - it was on sale on Amazon. I like it so far because I am left handed but I mouse with my right hand. So using the pen with the left has a nice feel. I really like the pressure control for brushes too. There's no new LOST tonight, so maybe I'll play with it some more tonight. I may also have a good reason to scrap on April 30 that I'm really excited about too.

Some of you have asked why there are no pictures of me from Easter. That's because I was taking them! There was 1 photo that my cousin took with my camera but it is blurry - and I'm not just saying that because I don't want to post it! I'll have to see if anyone else got shots of me when we exchange pics.

Oh, and I have a new list at 10 things (link is over there ->)


Blogger Kim said...

The get healthy mission sounds wonderful - no crazy restricitve menus, just sensible choices and getting more active. I was doing that a while back, and doing very well with it too. I really need to find my way back there.

So cool that Randi's going to be so close to you!

I'm left-handed but mouse right-handed too! The tablet is perfect for that. I can switch back and forth so easily, and get relief when one hand/arm gets tired. Did you get the Graphire or the Intuos? I have a 4x5 Graphire3 and really like it, but would love to move up to an Intuos someday. The new wide one looks really cool and would be great with my dual monitors.

April 20, 2006  
Blogger Gina said...

Great "get healthy" mission, Robin. I need to get back on mine - the weather is perfect for walking and I want to start training for the marathon (want to run a half-marathon next March). Got to get busy!!!

I'm right-handed but mouse left-handed (with a right-handed set-up) a lot of time.

I'm glad Randi and Rocky are going to be close to you. AND, wooties on the new Wacom! I want one. I don't know why...I think because everyone else has one.

April 21, 2006  

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