Sunday, April 16, 2006


I had charged my batteries overnight, but my camera died on me in the middle of the party! And before T opened my gift too. I'm so bummed. So I put them back in the charger as soon as I got home so they'd be ready for Easter, but I just realized that I unplugged the charger this morning to dry my hair. Yes, I charge the batteries in the bathroom. Now I'm a little worried! I think I have some regular batteries around but need to remember them.

I'm beat. Just dropped off my sister. We rented Prime and got some dinner and desert to go and hung around the house tonight. It was nice to have the day off. The movie was good, in a heartbreaking Grey's sort of way.

In the car, have been listening to Jesus Christ Superstar. My friend Jill lent me a version with Alice Cooper as Herod, which is quite funny. My mom always used to play the album at Easter time, so it's funny that she gave it to me now. I haven't heard it in awhile but still love the songs. I did see the play once in college and thought it was weird. I'd rather just hear the music. Also just realized I don't have it in my itunes. Need to find my cd.

Enough rambling. Need to get to bed so I can get up for tomorrow. Happy Easter!


Blogger Kim said...

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar while I was in college too. I really don't remember much about it (but that was a bit longer ago for me than for you LOL), but I do love the music. Hope your camera did better for you today.

April 16, 2006  

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