Monday, May 15, 2006

Depeche Mode, Greys and a thank you

I just have to say you all brought me to tears with your comments on my last post! You are all so sweet to me and have helped cheer me up so much!

I have to say I didn't know how I could sleep last night after watching Grey's!!!! I knew what happened at the end as soon as I heard those gunshots. I really wanted to smack Izzy too.

The Depeche Mode concert was pretty cool. We saw them at PNC Arts Center, which I like because you can get tickets cheap and sit on the lawn, but bad because all the drunkies and stoners sit on the lawn too and they like to fight and spill beer on you. (Krista you know what I'm talking about!) I'm not sure if it's a Jersey thing or what, but people are nuts!(I'll get to more on this later)

They played a bunch of songs from Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, which are my faves, and some newer stuff too - some good, some boring. (Isn't that always the way when you can't sing along!) I was just suprised by how much older they looked. You know, it's not like the Stones - I expect them to look the way they do. Martin had on this weird spikey hat thing, and David had all this pancake make up on. But I still love how he dances. Reminded me of being in high school - even saw some high school friends there - when I first saw them. (I can't remember if this was the 3rd or 4th time I saw them.) So then when they showed all the people in the audience in the front row on the big screens - they all looked old too. So I guess its not just me!

Well anyway, David still kicks ass and I love his voice. But I was kind of annoyed that he didn't sing any of the choruses. He kept pointing the mic at the audience - and when you're out on the lawn you can't hear that, so all I could hear was Randi singing along and, well, I can hear that in the car! LOL! Plus, there were some songs I didn't know so I had no idea what the chorus was to those at all and now I still don't! I wanted to heard Dave Gahan singing "Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm"!!!! Not my sis and the drunks!

Speaking of drunks, one of them snuggled up to Khoder and asked him if he had any weed. It was a riot. And normally Khoder would have KILLED someone for that, but he was miserable because he doesn't like DM!

It was also FREEZING last night, but it was fun! We should have brought more blankets, but Rand and I just sang along, laughed at the drunks and loved it.


Blogger Krista said...

I know all too well about the lawn at PNC, which is prolly why Mike and I don't do lawn seats there anymore (although there are plenty of obnoxious drunks anywhere at concerts, you know?). Did they play "Personal Jesus"? I LOVE THAT SONG so much. The rhythm on that song just slays me every time I hear it. I guess they did "Blasphemous Rumors" if Dave didn't sing the line you wanted him to.

May 15, 2006  
Blogger my2boys said...

hahahhaha! How cool is that though!!! Fun fun fun....and aren't the drunks too funny?!?!?

May 15, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

Glad you had fun in spite of the drunks! :)

May 17, 2006  

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