Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!!

Some one please cut me off! I have been shopping like a psycho all day! LOL! There were just too many great kits and great bargains! I slept late so I didn't make it to any chats since I wanted to make sure I hit the sales before work!

Here's some of what I got: The Make a Wish fundraiser kit at ACOT (I'm a sucker for that charity since they did so much to help my cousin Ashley), some stuff by Gina Miller and Tracy Ann Robinson at SBB. Like Amy K, I Tracy is my new crack pusher. :) I stopped by Sweet Shoppe and got some more stuff by Tracy and Mindy Terasawa and got the free kit. Picked up the freebie at Scrap Artist. (I just love those gals!) Then I checked out Designer Digitals - haven't been there in awhile and don't know why! Amazing stuff. I got some kits by Katie and Jackie Eckles. Why have I only just found Jackie now! Then spent some money on Eve's kits at 3 Scrapateers and at Shabby Princess too. Um, isn't it obvious I have a huge problem!!!!!! I think there could be some more but I'm not remembering!

So I have a few things to show off! :) I just love our team at RAKScraps! They got together and surprised us admins with this amazing kit right around the time we were dealing with all the piracy stuff. And now it's up at Scrapdish as a fundraiser for RAKScraps!

Correen, Rachel, Jeanine and I got together to create another kit too! :) I just really love these colors and I love these gals too! They are just amazing and I love their work. Sometimes, I still can't believe I get to work with them! :) Berry Sweet is on sale too this week for half price!!!!

I have some more exciting news too! Tomorrow I'm going to a crop tomorrow with the other Jersey girls from Scrapdish!!! I really can't wait to "meet" Krista and Melissa and see Jeanine again! It's going to be a blast. I put CS2 on the laptop and figured out how to work my wireless mouse. Now I gotta get my photos and stuff on the external and I'll be ready to go! I already warned Krista that I'll be taking photos!


Blogger AmyK said...

Krista told me you all would be cropping together and I am SO jealous! Have fun!

I need to update with my purchases too - I bought lots of the same stuff you did. Luckily I took money out of my paypal, or I would have been going absolutely nuts! I haven't hit Designer Digitals yet - I need to get going!!

May 06, 2006  
Blogger Krista said...

Photos???? Does this mean I have to put makeup on?????? LOLOLOL. Can't wait to see ya, Robin. I can't say I feel like I'm going to meet you since I feel like I already know you. I see Amy already commented here too and I swear she and I are sharing a brain lately, so I feel like I know her too. Isn't it awesome the cool pals we've made via digi? I just love it. I'll see you tomorrow!!!!!

May 06, 2006  
Blogger Kim said...

LOL Glad there are shopers like you out there to make up for the paralyzed-with-indecision shoppers like me! :)

So cool that you guys are getting together! I go to a local thing here every once in a while, but there's no one from RAKs, so it's not the same.

May 07, 2006  
Blogger Peta said...

rofl - sorry Robin got this post way to late - hope you didn't spend to much ;) can't wait to see all the new layouts with the goodies though!!

May 08, 2006  
Blogger ~*~Kirsty~*~ said...

Robin...will you email me at bensonfamily (at) gmail (dot) com.

I have a question about one of your kits!! :) Thanks

May 08, 2006  
Blogger momy4him said...

wow! i guess you got busy on nsd!!
all i got was the tail end of a jen wilson chat, but got the fab coupon that broke the store lol!!! that was all the nsd festivity i was able to attend...the kids had a track meet, oh well...
cool beans on getting to meet up with some digi gals! say hi to jeanine for me!

May 08, 2006  

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