Monday, May 22, 2006

This should be my day off...

Will and Grace's final episode really made me sad. It made me miss my best friend David, who is my Will and who lives in Missouri. He called me on Sunday and we got to chat, and I told him we have to end up like Jack and Karen, who end up living together off Jack's inheritance from his sugar daddy.

I am almost done with this long stretch at work. I hope I'll be feeling better and not so cranky when it's done. I'm sorry I've been such a drag lately. But thank you all for putting up with me and all your nice emails and comments. :)

My vacation is coming up and I still don't have anything planned yet. Part of me wants to just veg and hide. But I do want to clean up, get some stuff unpacked once and for all, get to the city and finsish up my project.

I stopped by the chat at Scrapartist today - and I won a prize! So did AmyK too! I thought that was pretty cool. I usuually can't make chats with my crazy hours, but they were nice to have a make up chat! :)
Well I'll finally have a few days off coming up. I need to get a lot done. Mom wants t-shirt iron ons for the lodge. There are cd orders, RAKScraps ads to send. I feel so behind!!!!!


Blogger Angedawn said...

Robin... I feel behind too! :) I was supposed to update my blog on Monday and I just did it now! :) But you won my 9 and a half kit! ;) Yeah! :) Just here to let you know and to say thanks for stopping by my blog too! :) And, I had no idea that "Robin" was the famous "Robin Cabana"... lol! :) I come over here and I was like.. hey I know her and love her work! :) I'll add you to my blogs to check in on list! :) Email me and I'll get your your kit (see my blog entry today...) :) Have a good day!

May 23, 2006  
Anonymous Tania said...

Oh yeah on the prize! How cool! I missed Will & Grace, as I was on travel, hopefully I'll catch it soon. You should take it easy on your vacation, and do whatever you want to do!

May 24, 2006  

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