Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vacation Day 1

I suffer from post-traumatic sinus disorder. Every time I get some time off - even in school after finals - I get a sinus infection. So I've been loading up all day on meds trying to fight this off so it doesn't ruin my week off!

Today was pretty quiet, in between long antihistimine induced naps. Taylor and Kylie came to visit. And Rocky is here for the weekend. Kylie looks bigger ever time I see her. Now she can grab her toes and she bit me with her two little teeth too! Good thing she's cute!

Mom's also watching Corinne, my 11 year old cousin, and we played Mario Race Carts on her game cube. Pretty fun. I haven't even unpacked my playstation 2 since I've been here, but I still kicked some butt!!!

I also finished A Million Little Pieces and started another book, Little Earthquates by Jennifer Weiner. Tori fans would be interested to know the picture on the cover is just red hair. I wonder if there's a connection there.

Now I'm just waiting for some files to download to burn cds. I was showing Corinne how light scribe works and she was impressed, well and she didn't want to go to bed. Hee!


Anonymous Tania said...

I've seen that book and cover too, I'm a huge Tori fan, but my friend who's in Aulstralia right now it one of the Torifiles, no kidding. She read the book, but I forgot to ask her if there was a connection. But she got it for the resemblance. I'll let you know.

Hope you feel better soon. I always get sick on vacation too, it's cause you let your system down or something. Stress, it does crazy things to our bodies.

May 29, 2006  
Anonymous Tania said...

I meant Toriphiles, fonics, does a person good, LOL!

May 29, 2006  

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