Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A bit of a rut, some chats and the new house

I am so uninspired lately! I'm tired of staring at the screen and trying to work on a kit. Bleech! I can't come up with any ideas or elements or anything!

I felt like scrapping with some of the new stuff I got this weekend, but even my photos werent' calling out to me. So I joined in Audra's Photo Inspiration Challenge at RAKScraps and did the LO for Stacey.
And I got to use Jessica Bolton's fab new kit, Epiphany. No preview - go check it out and buy it! :) I just love Jessica's style.

I want to get out of this rut FAST! Dani B. just sent me some of her new goodies from her new CD to play with. :) She's having a CD launch party at SBB Friday at 10 pm Eastern.

So you'll need to have two browers going so you can also be at the RAKScraps Gallery Opening Mixer at 9:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Pacific. We have great sponsors lined up for July - Jeannie Papai, Theresa Hernandez and SaraAmarie. To win some prizes, you'll need to join in our Treasure Hunt.

It was great to be back at Night Owls on Sunday, even though most of the chatters took off early! Melinda even stopped by from vacation. She's been blogging from the road, too.

This weekend went pretty fast. Spent part of Sunday helping out at Mike's new house scraping glue of the walls and then painting. Then last night I got the much easier job of babysitting the girls. Taylor knows every trick to get out of going to bed. First she wanted me to watch a movie with her in her bed. Then she wanted to play with her minatures in bed. Then she needed some juice. Then she remembered to brush her teeth. Then she wanted more juice. Then she had to go potty. Then she wanted the light on. Then off. I thought she was out by the time Vesna got home, but nope, she was up. The house, btw, is pretty cool. It's got lots of space for them. The girls will even have a play room, and Mike will have room for his poker table in the basement. Still needs some work, but Mike is Mr. Home Improvement and it's coming along great so far.


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