Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :) I hope you all have a fantastic turkey day. I'll be celebrating with my family before heading in to work. But I don't mind working this holiday too much - it means no dishes!

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the Macy's Parade. I always try to catch some of it - even though I sleep late. My favorite balloon is SUPER GROVER! My paper has done a pretty cool little flash graphic about the parade that you can see if you go here and then click on the picture of Garfield on the right a bit.

Well today has been pretty nuts! I spent the whole morning running errands. It took me TWO HOURS at Cingular to get a new phone. But it was worth the wait because ...

I am so happy about my PINK phone. I lost my phone the other night at Borat! I should sue Sacha Baron Cohen - since everyone else is - for making me laugh so hard that my phone fell out of my pocket!

Well, then I had to get to work early, so I spent the whole day away from the computer. But at least I got out early and got to hang out tonight with some friends. I was home for about an hour when my sis finally got back to me - no one expected me back so early and I didn't have anyone's numbers since I lost my phone. So we hung out at the Moose and had lots of fun. Here's me and Randi...

And some of the other gals ...

And now I'm a little tipsy, but before going to bed I wanted to tell everyone about the HUGE sale I am having at SBB!!!!! Everything is marked down 40-50% off!!!! And well, it's a black friday sale, but I started a little bit early. :) (No idea why this image came out so small- blah!)
And I've also put some of my kits on sale for as low as 60% off at Scrapdish too! :)

Hope you have a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooooh I love the new kit!!!! Great job!!! Sorry to hear you lost your phone! Jeff loved the movie too, I haven't seen it yet!! Happy Turkey Day!

November 23, 2006  

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