Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting some exercise

All day, I've been in my typical computer mode. Trying to do 50 things at once. All those things I obsess over. Checking email. Keeping up with Twitter and Facebook. Organizing in ACDsee. Thinking about my next page. Looking at layouts in the galleries.

I took a little break from all of this to do some exercise. And it occurred to me, why can't I ever get addicted to exercise? That would solve so many of my problems!!! I would feel better, lose weight, look better. But sadly, I am a lazy type of person. I like sitting down. I like playing on my computer. I'd rather drive than walk. I always hated gym class.

I've been making an effort this week to do some exercise. I did yoga two days and I did a little bit of Dancing With the Stars today. (That is one fun video!) I'm so uncoordinated and out of shape that I can't do the tapes straight through, but I figure a half hour a day is a good start.

And I really wanted to work out today because I had such a bad day yesterday. I had felt so good on Monday and Tuesday after doing yoga, and the rest of the days went sort of ok. But yesterday, work was a disaster. I was having problems with Quark and the Mac. Things kept changing on my front page. I was so stressed out I felt naseous.

So today, I did my exercise, and if for nothing else, I'm hoping the good energy and endorphins will at least help me through the rest of the day!


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