Sunday, April 06, 2008

Word of the day: Journey

So I have two songs spinning alternatively in my head. One would be Journey's Don't Stop Believing. I'm not a big Journey fan, but my sister is. And we sang that at karaoke (along with a few other things very badly) the other night. Then I heard it on the radio today and it's stuck again, just like it was post-Sopranos season finale. Makes me crazy!

The other song - I had to google this - is Magic to Do - which has some lines that start with "Journey." I just got back from seeing my cousin Melissa play Catherine in Pippin, which that song is from. I didn't know the song was from Pippin, but I remember it was the song they always played on PBS when they were doing their membership drive LOL! Now I know!

It was a pretty cool, but weird, show. The kids were all great - we've seen some of them in a few shows now over the years. This will be Melissa's last show in high school since she's off to college next year. She's a really great singer and I hope she does more shows in college!

And we had a bit of a journey today, too. First, I went to the mall with mom and Randi. Garden State Plaza has gotten so crazy that we had to park so far from the mall. The crowds were so insane, too. We didn't stay long! Then I drove to Aunt Lorraine's house (which I finally got to see - it's so nice and cozy!) before driving to Wayne for the play. I don't like playing chaufer at all - I get neverous when I have a full car. I'm used to driving by myself. And mom was yelling at me for driving too fast!

Well, it was a fun night! I'm staying in tonight. Maybe I'll scrap or catch up on some netflix.


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