Sunday, May 18, 2008

My imaginary friends and other caues

So I started these pages back on NSD after so many of my friends showed up to my chat and after my sister had been giving me the eye roll for spending the day on my computer with what she calls my "imaginary" friends!
I have been sooooooooo lucky to meet so many of my friends and some of my favorite designers! This page took me so long! I had the photos arranged on the template - but then I had to look up who some of the people in group shops were. And getting all the names around was a challenge! Credits: Page 1 Page 2

Here's another set of 2 pages. The Studio Start this week is about your 5 favorite causes, but I focused on just one that means a lot to me! Credits Page 1 Page 2

And that's me and Randi with our Abuelo. I've never done a page about him before. He died when I was 12. So I was going through Amy Pearson's stock photos for an Amy Play Day and I thought I'd do a page about how he taught us dominos, but it turned into more than that. Credits

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


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