Sunday, May 04, 2008

NSD: The Hangover

I woke up this morning feeling a little confused! I thought it was Monday and I didn't feel very rested. I think it's an NSD hangover!

In nonNSD news, I am happy to report that I am almost, almost done organizng my scrapping supplies in ACDSee! It has taken me since last February! I had to look that up on my blog. But it's taken me that long to go through everything on my 200 gig EHD. (That's not counting all the stuff I got yesterday, of course!)
It's taken me so long because:
-At first I didn't know about bulk organizing and I was doing things one at a time.
- I had a few problems where my databases went bad and had to start a few things over (back up!!!!).
- There was a lot of old stuff out there that had to be weeded out.
- I kept buying more stuff that I would organize as I went along.
- I had to leave the house sometimes!

So sorting stuff does come in handy. Even the old stuff you'd never thought you used. For instance, I found a checker piece in a kit from Tanya-Todd Krasen that I used on my games page (it's somewhere below) that I thought was a nice touch!

So anyway, yesterday was so much fun!!! I had a blast hanging out at SBG and shopping. I thought my chat was lots of fun. We still had more than 50 people there after midnight!

Here's the damage report. Much worse than I had expected, but there's so much enabling going on LOL! I shopped from: Song Bird Avenue, Gina Miller Designs, The Sweet Shoppe, The Digi Chick, Funky Playground, Lily Pad, Blythe Evans Designs, Cinnamon Designs, Annie Manning and Holliewood Studios at Oscraps, Live Out Loud Studio, Lucky Lucy at Elemental Scraps, Tracy Ann Digital Art and Scarletheels. I also grabbed some freebies from SBG and MSA. I need to make a list so that I remember to download everything!

And I did start a two-page LO last night. I found a template to use and found all the photos. But I was too beat to finish it up last night. But all that's gonna have to wait. I need to get dressed and get going. Randi and I are heading to NYC to go to the Met. It will be good to get out of the house today!


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