Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SATC marathon

I've been re-watching Sex and the City on DVD. I'm so excited about the movie - only two more weeks! My friend Monica is having a little party. We're going to dress up, watch the movie and then have dinner and Chinese food after. Should be lots of fun!

Here's how I can tell I've watched this show too much. I just realized that Carrie's boyfriend in "Shortcomings" - Season 2 (which I'm watching now. Love this one!) also plays a guy in "The Monogomist" - Season 1 called Jared - both of whom are writers. He's also a guy Brenda dates in 6 feet under.

I spent most of Sunday cleaning my room while I was watching. My room is so gross. You'd think a 13 year old lived there. Actually, my room was neater when I was 13! There are usually clothes on the floor, shoes all over the place, books, cds and dvds all over the place. And usually an inch of dust.

But I bought some swifers and some masks. Took some Benadryl ahead of time and took a few puffs of the inhaler. I got a lot done and my room looks pretty good! My dressers are clear and you can see the floor. I have a big shelf that's kind of overflowing, but at least it's sort of organized and the stuff is off the floor.

I'm going to back up some stuff now and watch the rest of this episode before I go to bed.


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