Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some pages and stuff

Well, I'm trying to get back on track this week. I feel like a crazy person lately. So I started my day with a little yoga. That really helps me feel calm.

So I'm trying to catch up on things I still need to get done. Including posting some pages from last week!
We had a Studio Lorie Play Day last week and this was my first time using one of her kits, Prarie Gal. I love all the fun pages I see with faries and bunnies - but I'm not that whimsical a gal. But I did love this vintage kit - it had soooooo much stuff in it. So I'm now a big fan! BTW, this is my grandma as a little, little girl on a horse. I've got to find out a little more from her about the photo. But I think it may have been a horse that her father used for work. One of his various jobs over the years was as a milk/ice delivery man. So you can see our family's love of horses started a long time ago!
And here's my "little" brother! Most people forget that Mike is younger than me because he's such a big guy! He's five in this photo - same age Taylor is now. We were talking the other day and she told me: "My daddy's your brother. He's your little brother. And Randi's his little sister. Kylie's my little sister. And Sendi is mommy's little sister." She finally understands some family dynamics. All of that also took her about 5 seconds to say. Girl talks fast!!!
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