Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I have a lot of stuff planned over the next few days. Hope I don't forget to get things done!

Tomorrow morning I need to take Penny to the vet for a follow up shot. Then we're heading over to Randi's so I can fix her computer. Randi and I are going to take Grandma to lunch for her birthday. She's going to be 77! That's her in the LO a few days down. She is really an amazing and inspiring woman and she holds our family together. She's been going through so much lately, even before my aunt's accident, so we hope we can take her mind off her troubles for a bit.

Friday, Taylor's got her pre-school graduation. She's going to kindergarten in the fall! (Along with lots of my cyber nieces and nephews! I'm so proud of all of them!) She went to an open house of the school and met one of the teachers who said she needs to practice her writing over the summer. She's gotten a lot better at writing and spelling lately.

Saturday, I'm filling in at work and am working the wire shift, which I've only done once before. Going to be a rough night! Then Sunday is my cousin Melissa's h.s. graduation party. Lots of graduations this year. My cousin Ryan who lives in Miami also graduated from high school this year, and my cousin Corinne just finished 8th grade. I'm the old lady of all my first cousins so now that my youngest cousin will be starting H.S., I'm really feeling old!

Monday morning I'm going to a meeting at the car dealer. I really don't want another Pontiac but we'll see what kind of deal they'll give me. If anything, I could always get a car for now and then get another trade in after a few years before I really beat the thing up.

Mom called from the airport in Vegas saying she'd be able to feed and walk the dog in the morning so I could sleep in - but I won't be able to really anyway! I miss sleep! I've been taking power naps - or trying to - with the doggie on the couch.

Little Miss Penny has been gettingn more independent. She'll go hang out in the kitchen by herself and not cause any trouble. She did get in trouble yesterday for climbing on the table and knocking over my Diet Coke! It got all over the couch and it happened about a foot away from my laptop. But I was mostly angry because it was the last drop of Diet Coke in the house and I really needed caffeine!

I don't think things will get back to normal or sort of normal for awhile. But I do have a 4 day weekend coming up after 4th of July and then after that it's just another week until CHA! I can't wait!


Blogger Sarah96 said...

ooh you'll have to remind me when you'll be in IL. I'm not leaving for vacation now, just my convention in mid-July. MAYBE it will work out that I can come up to Chicago or something now.

June 26, 2008  
Anonymous Tania said...

You are busy Robin! Wow!! That article you linked to in your last post makes me sad, people are crazy! Have a good weekend and I'm hoping you get some more sleep!!

June 27, 2008  

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