Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm melting

It is sooooooooo hot! We're on day 4 of a heatwave. It's supposed to end tomorrow. I had to drive to work yesterday with the heat on because my car was on the verge of overheating. And it was fine last night coming home until I got stuck in traffic. I was so hot that the metal on my glasses felt hot.

I'm loving the air conditioning right now. Me and the dog are just relaxing. I'm going to dress down to work today because I was roasting yesterday. Gotta go get the car checked before I leave for work though.

So is anyone Plurking? It's sort of like , but it doesn't seem to crash as much. If you are, add me as a friend!

And here are some new pages...
I wanted to use this title before we even got the dogs together LOL! Credits
And here's the pup and me. This vacation was definitely all about her. Credits


Blogger clc said...

Love the edge on the photo of Penny and Rocky and all your journaling! Hope your weather cools off soon!

June 10, 2008  

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