Friday, June 06, 2008

My no good rotten morning

It's cold and cloudy today. I should have known this was going to be a crummy morning! I got up early, packed up the car so I could run some errands and put Penny in her travel crate to take her to get fixed. The poor thing wimpered the whole trip and even tipped over the crate. I felt so bad.

So we get to the shelter, and they said they couldn't take her today! I am so upset. I was going to get some stuff done after I dropped her off. And now I'm going to have to go through the whole miserable trip with her again. I was so upset coming home that I took a wrong exit and ended up on the turnpike.

And now I'm just exhausted and annoyed, so I don't feel like doing anything! I have errands to run, assignments to catch up on. Maybe I'll feel better if I take a nap or something.

Well, yesterday was a much better day. I took Penny over to town hall so she could meet my dad. Then later, Randi came over with Rocky. And they got along pretty well! At first, Rocky wanted nothing to do with his new cousin. He was ignoring her as she sniffed him. Then they chased each other a bit. He got a little rough after awhile, which is what he does at the park with other dogs, but since Penny's so small she could hide behind my legs or under chairs. Not too bad for a first meeting.

After the doggy playdate, Randi and I went to Houlie's for dinner and then we went to the outdoor bar at Frank's which is down on the waterfront. It was a really beautiful night. And I ran into lots of people from high school and Joanie and her friends. After that, I stopped by the Rover for karaoke night and got one of my friends to sing my favorite Bruce song, Rosalita.

Off to get some rest now, and hopefully calm down.


Blogger Melinda said...

sorry things didn't work out like you had planned for the morning. Can you call ahead of time to make sure they will be able to get her in? Boomer always would start to get nervous any time we made a particular turn that would take us in the direction of the vet office, even if we weren't headed there on that trip. It makes you feel bad regardless. I hope you didn't have to go too far on the turnpike to turn around, and I hope you get your little nap in today!

June 06, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Hope your next car trip with Penny is calmer and more productive! Be sure to bring photos of her to CHA with you!

June 07, 2008  

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