Sunday, June 01, 2008

No big deal birthday

Here's how my staycation and birthday have been going so far...
Friday: Went by the Rover to hang out with my friends after work.
- Took Penny to Petsmart and bought her a harness, some treats and toys. It was pouring rain on and off so it was a bad, bad hair day.
- Picked up some Chipoltes for lunch on the way home.
- Randi came by and brought me some birthday gifts - 2 books on pugs, Barbara Walters' book, and a book on dog tricks. Mike also stopped by to jump start Mom's car and got to meet Penny.
- Went up to White Plains to meet my friend Monica and some of our co-workers and her friends to see Sex and the City. Loved the movie! (I'll have to review it later!) Then we went back to her house for cosmos and flirtinis, pink cupcakes, and Chinese food. We watched some episodes of SATC, played a bit of trivia, lots of girl and show talk.
- Got a bit lost driving home. Stopped at Dean's on the way home where Billy, Lisa and JR were all hanging out.

- Woke up to early when Betty, Lucia and Fernando came by. They all loved Penny! Lucia also made me a card.
- Stomach all messed up from last night's Chinese food. Between that, allergies and lack of sleep, have felt gross all day.
- Went to Taylor's first dance recital. The whole show was pretty pathetic. Poor Taylor wasn't very coordinated - but neither were the other students. Choreography wasn't very good either.
- We all went to Fridays for a late lunch. Felt so full. And then was mortified when the servers came out singing. Can't ever go anywhere with Vesna. She loves embarrassing me. I don't like it when my family sings happy birthday, nevermind the entire restaurant staff. Plus, I wasn't feeling good. So the ice cream with a candle was a total waste.
- Came back home, caught up a little on my CKs, watched TV here with Penny on my lap. Caught up on all nice birthday wishes from my friends through email and Facebook. All my "imaginary" friends have made me feel better today than some of my friends and family.
- Now I'm watching No Country For Old Men. Pretty good so far. Going to rewind a bit since I've been blogging and not paying attention.


Blogger clc said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Robin! Hope your tummy is feeling better!

June 02, 2008  
Blogger Melinda said...

Well, you certainly have been a very busy bee this weekend! Happy Birthday again! and even if your family didn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about the day, at least they remembered ;) Love you, Robin!

June 02, 2008  

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