Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well, my staycation is almost over. My rotten morning yesterday got a little worse after a trip to Geek Squad. I finally took the old computer and the part I ordered from HP in. The part didn't fit and they had one there (which they originally said they didn't) that fit. But when the geek started it up, the machine was all messed up. So now, I need to just try to recover the files. Looks like a lost cause. My poor computer!!!!! Even though I didn't use it much, I'm still attached to it.

This morning, I dropped Penny off at the shelter. She wimpered all the way there. Poor baby! But at least she she should be seeing the vet around now. I had a second bed for her upstairs that I brought down here last night. She was happy sitting there instead of my lap or on the couch (which Mom doesn't like!) and I got a little scrapping done.

I did this page for a Shel Silverstein challenge at SBG...
The poem Picture Puzzle Piece made me think of Taylor. I wasn't that familar with Shel Silverstein, but I really love his poems. I just bought a new book for the girls!

And I have a few others I haven't posted here yet...
Did this one for last week's Studio Start about names. This is my first Penny page! Credits

Blogger: Greetings from.... - Create PostThese are some photos from the day we were at Grandma's looking at old photos using the new Impressions of Fatherhood kit from SBG. Credits.

These are some crazy superhero costumes and fashions we saw at the Met. Credits.

Taylor going down the slide .... Credits
Some scenes of the girls playing ... Credits.

After dropping off Penny, I got some Starbucks and had a little retail therapy. Since I didn't get many birthday presents, I've been shopping for myself! I started out yesterday returning some shirts from Mom at Kohls and picking up some different tees and some summer pants. Today, I stopped at Michaels and got a butterfly punch, a circle cutter and some frames to decorate. And then I hit Barnes and Nobles where I picked up some books for myself and the nieces.
I just uploaded some new photos of Penny to Facebook. And there's a funny interview with Ringo Starr on HBO. I'm having a party tonight at the Rover for my birthday so I want to take it easy. It's super hot out there right now - so I'm going to stay inside and try to scrap!


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