Monday, June 02, 2008


I'm looking a little red today. I went by Randi's pool today and I guess I didn't put on enough sunscreen. The sunburn isn't all over but in patches here and there. It was very nice to be out at the pool, which has an awesome view of NYC. I caught up on some CKs and started reading a book about pugs. But then these young girls came to the pool and they were so annoying. The pool was pretty empty, but they sat right next to us. Then they were talking loudly and they were dirtier than Samantha on SATC! I mean really vulgar. I don't mind a little girltalk, but I save it for the bars or a party or something. Not out in the open like that. Gross!!!!

After leaving Randi and Rocky (Missed my buddy! Haven't seen him in a week!), Penny and I went for a nice walk. I like walking her much better with the harness. She's been getting too used to sitting on my lap and she's jumping on the couch on her own. Mom's not going to like that! She's trying to climb up here as I write this. Poor thing has a cough too. Makes me a little nervous. I think it could be kennel cough.

Randi and I ate all our meals out today. She took a personal day to hang out with me. First we had lunch at Panera and did a little shopping. Then we had dinner at Charittos, a great Mexican place.

I also finished watching No Country For Old Men today. It was a good movie - I don't know if I liked the ending. But I liked all the subtle bits of story telling and there was some great acting too.

Going to watch the season finale of the Tudors now!


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