Thursday, July 24, 2008


Randi and I finally talked Mike into getting tested for allergies, so we all went together to the doctor on Monday. We were in the car wondering when was the last time the three of us were in the car together - just us. The last time I could remember was when we drove to and from Wildwood that one summer when we went with Teri and Mikey. Mikey was still a toddler then. I remember listening to Hole's Live Through This on the way home and that we had to follow Mom, who was driving Teri's car, because the speedometer in the Mazda was broken. That was back when I was in college.

On Monday, we also had lunch at Blue Moon before heading over to see Dr. Goodstein. And I also noted that the last time we all went to the doctor together was probably when we were kids going to the pediatrician or maybe when we had dentist appointments on the same day.

We do spend a lot of time together - but it's rare these days when it's just the three of us. It's a long time since these days .....

Judging by the hair and glasses, I think I was in seventh grade. I think we're playing Simon Says at Grandma's house in Union City.


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