Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making coffee

I guess I was more tired that I thought yesterday! After Mark and co. came to pick up Melinda, I fell asleep watching TV. But then I ended up waking late again so I watched Baby Mama (splurged on On Demand again) and finished reading my book. I'm still feeling a little sluggish this morning. I'm trying to make some coffee in my room and watching a really bleeped version of my favorite episode of the Sopranos on A&E. I really need to get dressed and get everything back in my bag, but I still feel pretty beat. All of that walking around must have really worn me out!

Yesterday, we did some more make and takes and we had lunch with Jen, Jeanine, Connie and Oriana. Still can't believe she came all the way here for CHA!

I said I was going to be better this year about taking photos, but I wasn't! It's camera envy or something. Everyone's got these nice DSLRs and I've got my little Cybershot. I normally love it.

But here we go with some photos....

Melinda, me and Connie working on a make and take at the Heidi Grace booth.
This is what we made there! Crafts and candy! Yum!
This is one of my favorites! We made these on Sunday at Kaiser Crafts and I was finally feeling like I was getting better at crafty stuff again.
We made these books at Basic Grey. Loved using their file set. My friend Amy Kant was there the day before and they were still talking about her - she's a legend!
Here's a cute dress form from the Pink Paislee booth! I love that little owl. Holly's designs were so cool. There was a mad rush of crazed scrappers to get on line for the make and take yesterday morning. They would have run you over, seriously!

Check out Melinda's frames at the Prima booth. This is Doris Castle's new line!
And I got to see some work by my fellow Studio Crew gals. that's Kait's daughter on the left and Denise's layout on the right! I'll have more to report on the Studio Gals at CHA on the Studio Matters blog on Wednesday!
Here's another make and take we did at Bare Elements (I think). Can you tell which one is Melinda's - the nice and neat one on the left. My poor sad little one woudln't stay together and I needed Melinda to help me!

There are a few more that I didn't photograph - they were complicated and I have them wrapped up so they don't fall apart. K&Co. had these really nice fall albums - but Connie and I were struggling to keep up! Heidi Swapp had mobile frames with these awful little jump rings that were hard to connect. But they were all really cute projects!
This one was super easy! We made these necklaces a the Tim Holtz booth. The show seemed kind of smaller than it was last year - not sure if it was a different floor plan or what. But a lot of people were also saying it didn't seem as crowded. That might not be good for the industry, but it was ok for us since they lines weren't so bad.

There were a lot of people I recognized here, but I wasn't feeling as outgoing as I was last year. I preferred being low key and hanging out with my friends!

Now I really need to get myself moving. This hotel room coffee is not very good. I should grab some at the kwik-e-mart store downstairs before I go. I'm not going to head back over to the show since I need to pack and get the shuttle.

Randi's going to be picking me up. I can't wait to see my dog!


Blogger clc said...

I had so much with you and Melinda! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who was exhausted after all that walking. Hope your feet and body are rested today.

July 21, 2008  
Anonymous Jen Reed said...

It was great seeing you again Robin! Lunch was fun. :) I know you snapped a photo of us together - I didn't think to get my camera out at the time so I don't have any single shots. You all got the photos and we didn't get any. When you get a chance, please send it to me.

July 27, 2008  

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