Monday, July 07, 2008

My day

- Got up at 9:30, checked AccuWeather. Called Randi and decided it was going to be too crappy out for the zoo. Went back to sleep.
- Woke up again at 11. Got laundry together. Went downstairs to let Penny out.
- Hung out on the couch and watched Melrose Place and soaps.
- Went up stairs to get showered and dress. Then had to take all the sheets off my bed since a certain dog decided to pee on it. UGH!
- Drove over to Randi's so we could take the bus to NYC.
- Had a yummy cupcake at Magnolia.
- Had some yummy risotto at a restaurant in SoHo.
- Bought some records on vinyl at a shop on Bleeker.
- Walked all over the place until we got bored and took a cab back up to Port Authority. (Weather ended up being nice. Stupid AccuWeather.)
- Came home and fed the dog.
- Watched Jeopardy!
- Took Penny over to Boulevard East so we could have a nicer view on our walk. Penny barked at every dog we saw.
- Walked an extra few blocks since I couldn't remember where I parked.
- Came back home and ordered a sandwich from Sals.
- Watched TV. Hoped for good weather again tomorrow.


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