Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rewinding a bit

I forgot to recap the other half of my weekend! Saturday, I met up with some of my college friends from The Daily Targum. I got to see Jessica, Jeannine and Jim - haven't seen these last two in ages. We met up at the Shake Shack in New York City where the burgers are sickeningly amazing. There's a big long line - but we didn't mind waiting since it gave us time to catch up.
I don't usually eat burgers, but after waiting so long, I figured I'd see what the fuss was about! We realized after there was a shorter line just for drinks - and we could have gotten beers while we waited. Oh well!

After hanging out in the park where the shack is situated for awhile, we took a walk down 23rd street and had another drink at a bar next to the Chelsea Hotel, which for some reason I thought wasn't around anymore. I always find something new when I go to the city!

When I got back to New Jersey, I met up with Randi and we headed over to the Rover. And while Randi has been there plenty of times, she hasn't been around some of my friends who you'd think never saw a female before! It was pretty funny!

On Monday, Randi and I went to lunch with Grandma, Corinne and Joanie. I don't think I've mentioned that my aunt is home now. She seems to be doing better - she was pretty coherent at lunch. Still has a lot of recovering to do. But we thought they might want to get out of the house so we had a nice lunch at Houlihan's and then had some ice cream on the waterfront.

If you've seen my previous post, you can see how I spent most of the day Tuesday. Randi went with Mike, Vez and the girls to Sesame Place, so I had the crazy doggies over. They bickered so much it was driving me nuts. But after they got it out of their system they were getting along OK or ignoring each other. I got some cute photos too.

I'm so excited to see that some of my friends are joining in the Teacher's Pet thing over at Funky Playground! I still have no idea what it's all about, but I do know they've been designing some cute mini kits! Get yourself signed up so you can grab these from Jenn and Kim! Oh I just noticed my fellow Studio Crew chick Michelle over there too! And I know at least one person should have something coming soon too!

Since Bruce Springsteen is the only music I care to listen to right now, I decided I would organize my Bruce CDs, which meant digging around my room and my car. Has anyone seen my Rising CD? LOL! Hate when I have the case but can't find the disc! I'm also missing one of my Live 1975-85 CDs and I know my stupid ex-boyfriend stole the Ghost of Tom Joad and Live in New York City. Gotta figure out what I have and then I want to load up the iPod.

Well, enough rambling for now. Gotta get some stuff done!


Blogger clc said...

Sounds like you have a fun weekend! Hope your find your missing CD. Having a case without the disc drives me crazy.

July 31, 2008  

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