Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stuck upstairs

Mike started working on the living room while I was away. He and some friends put in a new ceiling and now he's almost done re-painting the room. But in the meantime, Penny and I have been spending our time upstairs since all the furniture is jammed in the living room and there's dust all over. Not good with my asthma. Isn't Penny good at pathetic posing!

I thought this was funny. I spotted one of my pages from work on the back of a bus a few weeks ago. I got this bad shot through the bus window.

I need to get ready for work and need to pick up my new registration, but I'm procrastinating since I have a headache from the paint fumes.


Blogger clc said...

Penny does look pretty sad! Hope the paint fumes clear out quickly and the living room looks great!

July 24, 2008  
Blogger Kim said...

Aw, poor Penny! Kinda how my kids looked while they guys were working on our kitchen. LOL

How cool that you saw your page on a bus! You're famous! ;)

July 26, 2008  

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