Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things I saw at the zoo

Randi and I took the nieces and our cousin Corinne to the Bronx Zoo yesterday. We met up with Betty and Lucia there, too! I still have to upload my photos but I wanted to jot down a few fun things before I forget!
- Taylor's feet were "killing her" as soon as we got in the zoo. She prefered sitting down to seeing animals.
- Kylie was very curious about the animals and could say most of their names and make their noises. She also said hello and goodbye to most of them.
- Kylie would tell us "I see ..." followed by the animal or tree or fish (which was a bird). She was very chatty all day. We practiced counting and I tried to ask her about things like colors.
- Taylor pretended the cracks in the pavement were animal prints!
- Lucia calls most animals "guagua" - which is a Spanish slang word for dog.
- Taylor couldn't remember Betty's name. She then said: "Oh, I know. Like Ugly Betty."
After that, Betty was her new best friend and she had to tell her and show her everything.
- Taylor couldn't remeber Lucia's name either. She started calling her Luciana, then Louisiana!
- Kylie and Taylor fought about holding Randi's hands. Kylie was calling Randi something that sounded like "my Buddy."
- The polar bear at the zoo was swimming around!!! I've never seen him do anything but sleep.
A lot of the animals were pretty active for once - the snow leopards, a tiger, even the wild dogs.
- We saw lots of lemurs and some cool frogs in the new Madagascar section. I skipped the hissing roaches.
- The girls ran around and played together near the benches outside Madagascar. Taylor and Lucia really hit if off. Kylie was a little more shy around her. They all kept running up to a mirror and smacking a picture of a lemur on a sign about saving the animals. Good thing it was just a sign!
- Randi spent a lot of time texting.
- Lucia would point and say no from her stroller when Kylie and Taylor started running away. Think she didn't like being left behind.
- Corinne and I had the silly "green, green, green" song in our heads after seeing the little toddler play about bird migration.
- Bronx Zoo was having problems with credit card machines. Not good if you didn't bring a lot of cash, considering how expensive it's gotten there. We had to tell the girls the monorail was broken. Good thing we had enough cash for the Bug Carosel.
- I ended up going the wrong way on the Cross Bronx twice! Traffic coming home was nasty and it was soooooo hot in my crappy car. We stopped for ice cream on the way home to cool off.
- On the ride back to my house, Taylor declared: "Penny and Rocky are in LOVE."
- For someone whose feet hurt, Taylor had lots of energy to run around like a monkey back at my house. The kids ran around while Corinne and I collapsed on the couch with Penny.

* I'm glad we didn't take the Skyfari! (Kylie kept calling them boats!)


Blogger Melinda said...

sounds like a typical visit to the zoo to me LOL! Brenna pulls the 'I'm too tired' trick with us all of the time- she wants to ride in the stroller when Sarah climbs out ;)
We saw the polar bear swimming when we visited, but I think you had left for work already. At least you know for sure he's not stuffed now LOL!!!

July 10, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Sounds like a fun, exhausting day! Hope you got lots of neat photos!

July 10, 2008  
Anonymous Tania said...

This is so neat, I loved reading it!! I'm going to have to do some journaling like this for my staycation album, this is great inspiration to come home and record these thoughts before it's too late!!

July 16, 2008  

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