Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two down, 1 to go

I've been to two barbecues over the last two days and there's one more today. Friday, I dropped off my friends Stef and Lisa at a party on my way to work. Mike and Vez were there too with my nieces so my friends got to meet our crazy kids.

Then yesterday, Randi asked me to go to a party down the shore with her. Some of the guys she works with have a house for the summer and were having a party. The house was a typical summer bachelor pad - air mattresses, plastic utensils in the cabinets and towels for curtains! But then I found out one of the guys lives there all year round! What a nut!

It was a pretty fun party even though I didn't really know anyone there. They were having the "beer olympics" with all kinds of dumb drinking games. But then it started to rain so we just played flip cups under the umbrellas. Dumb drinking games are a good way to make friends with people at a party LOL! I haven't played flip cups since the last shore party I was at in 2001!

I'm still pretty beat though. Today we've got Corinne's birthday party. Poor kid has been through so much lately, I hope she can have lots of fun today.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Here are some of my latest pages...

Did this page using some of the fun stuff in the SBG Popsicle Pop kit from Scrap N Art Magazine and one of Tracy Blankship's templates. Credits

SBG now has a guest studio and the first one is Holliewood Studios! Credits
And Rachel Young is now selling at SBG too! I did this page for a Rachel play day. Credits


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