Monday, August 04, 2008

Dog fighting

I'm here with Penny and Rocky and I'm just exhausted. They won't leave each other alone or play nice. I'm afraid they will hurt each other. I try to be calm assertive - I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer these days - but I'm just too beat. It doesn't help when mom's around because she yells like a nut at them. I gave Penny a time out in her crate and Rocky's tied up outside. It's been like this since Saturday. Randi's in Little Rock for a teacher conference - she had to take three planes because of a delay yesterday - and she'll be gone until Thursday. In the meantime, I'm covered in scratches, hives and dog hair. Ugh!!!!

Other than that, I had a nice weekend. I had a fun night with some girlfriends on Friday. I went shopping on Saturday and spent a lot of money in Michael's. I'm going to work on a hybrid project for my mom's birthday, which is coming up soon. I got the new Aerosmith Guitar Hero, but haven't had a chance to play yet! And I finally did some long overdue grocery shopping. And yesterday we got together at Mike's house for his birthday. My nieces were a lot of fun. Joanie was there and she seemed to be doing well - she was participating more in conversations.

Oh, now the dogs are being noisy. Rocky's barking and Penny's whining at the door. Before I go see what they are up to, here are some new pages....

The girls at the zoo.... lots of new and old goodies from Holly McCaig. She's the guest designer at a new store Inspiration Lane this month! Credits
Wasn't I a cute kindergartener? This one's using a collab by Michelle Godin and Aja Abney called Life is Art. Credits
And here are my pups in a moment where they were getting along! Credits


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omg, that photo of you in kindergarten is AWESOME!

August 04, 2008  

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