Thursday, August 21, 2008

I need a new battery!

I don't know if I should blame the Twilight books, but I haven't been able to get anything done lately. I haven't had any enegy for days. I'm so exhausted that reading's the only thing I seem to be able to do. I don't even have energy to walk my dog! Poor Penny has to settle for our short little walks or just running around in the yard. I'm sure there are lots of other factors like not sleeping enough and eating crappy food, stuff like that, too. I've been having crazy mood swings. The turned-down air conditioning at work (it's been a sauna for about 2 weeks) is also making me feel super groggy. So it's been a pretty uneventful week.

I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday and I miss those characters already. I won't give anything away. I did like how it all ended, but there were things about the last book that annoyed me. I wonder how JK Rowling would have written a series like this! She should totally write about vampires next! I've already been scouring Stephanie Meyer's web site to read the cut chapters and the first chapter of Midnight Sun. I don't think the Twilight books are as good as Harry Potter - but definetly a good read. I'm looking forward to the movie now, too!

This past weekend was a big party. Mike had a belated barbecue for his birthday. It was pretty calm compared to past years. Not a big turnout at all. I think it's because we're getting old! No beer pong or keg this year! But we still had fun, and I'm glad I remembered to go inside to watch Phelps swim the relay at the Olympics!

Sunday, we had a lunch party for my mom. The girls and dogs had a big sleepover with Grandma while we were all at my brother's. Randi and I made tacos and a bunch of appetizers. Taylor helped me bake a cake and I gave the girls $1 each for helping me clean up! We had a lot of people over - family and friends. I was glad to see that Joanie was starting a lot of conversation with us. She really like Penny and was amused by the girls. She was speaking to Lucia in Spanish and Italian. Poor Grandma though looks so tired. I want to start having them over for dinner on Sundays to help them out a bit. The kids wore the dogs off so they were finally calm and stopped fighting with each other. T was worried Rocky was trying to kill Penny!

The bad part about not feeling well is that I freak out about the ever growing to-do list. I have so many errands to take care of, pages to scrap, stuff like that. I am running low on food at the house - just finished the last of the party leftovers today - but I can't seem to drag myself to the store. (Mom and I buy our own food. She mostly buys junk food and I buy Lean Cuisines, veggie burgers, fruit and salad stuff and try not to eat the junk food!) I am even behind on my TiVo and Netflix stuff!

I also forgot to mention that work has been pretty nuts. Between the Olympics keeping us late and layoffs last week, I think that's just adding to the stress.

I did just put in for and get the OK for a week off in September. So I'm really planning to make the most of that week - clean the house, try to start going back to the gym, catch up on some craft projects, start my Christmas projects. I'm hoping it will help me regenerate. I'm tired of being in this tired old funk!


Blogger clc said...

Hope you're feeling more energetic by now! Sounds like you've been pretty busy, in spite of being tired.

August 22, 2008  

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