Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends are too short

So I actually got some stuff done this weekend! Yesterday, I cleaned my room! It still needs some dusting, but I can see my floor and the top of the dresser again! And I went grocery shopping and really stocked up instead of just grabbing a few things. It's nice to feel like I got stuff done!

Saturday, I spent the afternoon at Randi's pool. Then I went out with my co-worker and good friend Melissa. We went to see Hamlet 2 in Times Square and then hung out too late at a bar called Rudy's, which has their own brews and free hot dogs. Pretty cool hole in the wall place.

Hamlet 2 was a stupid, but funny movie. The main character is a failed actor turned drama teacher who puts on his own theatrical versions of Hollywood movies. And then he does this big musical that's a sequel to Hamlet that's just so wrong - it brings the characters back to live and has Jesus traveling in a time machine. The songs are so funny and I've had them stuck in my head. I think it was like what would happen if Michael Scott from The Office would have been a drama teacher.

I also saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona yesterday, which I think is one of my new favorite Woody Allen movies. Penelope Cruz is so freaking great in it. She should get an Oscar nom for playing such a nut. And Javier Bardem is just hot. The movie was filmed in Spain so the surroundings are just so beautiful.

I'm just bummed that the weekend is over. I slept late today and haven't done a thing other than post some pages!


Anonymous Tania said...

I'm gonna have to check out that Woody Alen movie for sure! I agree, weekends do go way too fast!

August 25, 2008  

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