Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why am I awake?

I know most people are getting up and going to work now, but I am not most people. I get home late and then do dumb things like stay up until 5:30 am reading a book. (Thanks for keeping me up Jodi Picoult.) That was two hours ago.

For some reason, all summer, I wake up feeling terribly hot if I don't have the fan and AC on. So I only had the AC on. I have to go splash some water on my face, turn on the fan and that usually helps me cool off. Sometimes just leaving the room and coming back in makes it feel cool again.

But today, my stomach is feeling gross. Stupid acid reflux. And the bug bites from my brother's yard this weekend are so irritated. I've covered the bites in anti-itch cream and it's not helping.

Mom hasn't left yet. I heard her yelling at the dogs. Penny came up here for a bit, but Mom came up to take her out. So now it's quiet again.

And of course, when I wake up like this, I start thinking of the million things I should do today, but won't get done because I'll be too exhausted now. But sometimes writing and getting thoughts out of my head helps me relax a bit. Hope it works now. Going back to bed.


Blogger clc said...

Hope you managed to get back to sleep!

August 05, 2008  

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