Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching up on LOs - part 1

Finally getting around to sharing some pages!

This one might be hard to see. I finally scrapped some photos from Randi's faculty follies last December. I was inspired by Holly's new collab with Miss Hunibuni called Popular. The last song was actually from High School Music - so this kit inspired by the movie was a perfect fit! You can see the closeups if you'd like with the credits.
And here's another one I did with Popular. Credits.
Here are the doggies fighting - which they've also been doing today. My friend Andie Smith has been designing again at Inspiration Lane! Credits
This is one I did for a Studio Start about reincarnation. I had been listening to my iPod and this song Galileo came on. So it got me thinking about mistakes and trying to learn from them. Credits
Did this one for a Dianne Rigdon Play day and I used one of Tracy Blankenship's templates. Take note of the shoes I'm wearing! I placed the embellies around them. LOL! Credits.

And this is another page for our BBB circle journal. This one was about songs that make you want to sing out loud. And there's no one who makes me want to sing like Bruce, especially in the car. I took the photos from the Tappan Zee Bridge while I was stuck in traffic on July 4. Credits


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