Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am off from work this week, well except for Friday, and I'm hoping to spend some time getting caught up on some projects and all things crafty!

Here are some things I want to work on...
- Catch up on team assignments
- Work on my Christmas album
- Edit my family heritage photos
- Start my Bruce concert album
- Start my calendars
- Decide what I'm making for Christmas this year
- Work on BBB circle journal pages.
- Organize my printed photos/LOs in albums
- Organize my digi stuff in ACDSee (finally got it working on the laptop)

I took off for some creative time so hopefully I won't get too distracted! I don't need to get it all done. I also need to get some housework done around here. The house is a disaster. Penny has been shedding like a maniac. I could make a new dog from all the hair in my dust buster. (I purchased 4 lint brushes and the little vacuum last weekend.) So I've been cleaning dog hair for days anyway.

Penny is keeping my leg warm right now. She's sitting over here while Rocky is sprawled out on the other couch. Randi's got some school overnight trip so I'm dog sitting. So it hasn't been a peaceful morning. Especially considering I was out late with my friends last night. We hung out at the Rover - I haven't been out on a Saturday in ages - and then hit last call up at RJs, a little bar that's open later than the Rover where they put up with our late night crowd. And I had fun there singing Bruce Springsteen with my friends Jerry & Dean. So I think today's going to be a stay-in-pjs kinda day!

Going to get back to my creative stuff now! While I'm working I've been listening to Blip, a cool site that lets you play songs and listen to other people's picks that my Plurky friends got me into!

And I want to wave hi to my friend Nancy who just found me on Facebook! It's been a while since I've heard from her, but she says she still read my blog!


Blogger Nancy said...

Was this a test to see if I really do read your blog? If so, I think I got an "A+". I always did well in school.

What I don't do very well is keep in touch. I do love your work though, Robin. I always have!

Thanks for the shout out!

Nancy - the long lost friend

September 14, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Love your layouts and Penny's rain coat!

September 16, 2008  

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