Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of road

Well, this week off is over. I wasn't nearly as productive as I hoped. But I'm OK with that! I did get some craftiness, saw some friends, watched a lot of The Wire, and even cleaned up some stuff in the office. Not too bad.

So here are some of the pages I did this week. I have a few more I can't share yet, but I did a total of 7 this week.
Here I am with my chicas Amy, Holly and Tammy at CHA! This is w/Holly McCaig's Bliss kit. Credits
Some photos of Rocky at Easter sniffing around at Easter. I used one of Tracy Blankenship's templates and Jennifer Trippetti's new Forest kit. Credits
This is one I did for our BBB circle journal about some of my favorite things. Of course, after I finished I thought of all sorts of stuff I left off! Lots o' credits on this one.
And here are the girls a few Halloween's ago. This is Holly's Cute Spook kit! I love her little "spooks." Credits.


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