Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick update...

Seriously, I haven't blogged at all this month! I can't believe that. I keep adding things to the list in my head of things to blog about, but I keep forgetting to actually do it!

Let's see. Here's a few things I've been up to since August.
- Finally finished reading One for the Money. First non-vampire book I've read in awhile. Janet Evanovich went to Douglass at Rutgers like I did, so I've always wanted to read one of her books. Fun book. Next up is The Outlander.
- I've been watching The Wire on DVD. Got through all of season 1 and saw a bit of season 2 today. Those red Netflix envelopes can't get here soon enough. I am hooked!
- Checked out True Blood on HBO on Sunday. Looks good so far. More vampires - yay! And Entourage is off to a good start too. I made sure my Tivo is ready for the fall season.
- Hanging out at home. I guess that's one big reason I haven't blogged. It's been boring. I spent most of the last two weekends at home. I spent Labor Day weekend at home. And last weekend was pretty rainy from Hanna. Mom and I went to lunch with Joanie and Corinne. Then our ceiling started leaking from all the rain.
- Other family updates. Taylor started kindergarten. Kylie's doing well with potty training. Randi's happy to be back to teaching. The dogs are still crazy.
- Work: My whole sleep schedule got messed up because I was working early, mid and night shifts. But I did enjoy doing lots of feature pages.

I have a ton of layouts to share too.


Blogger Melinda said...

Wasn't the Janet Evanovich book a hoot? I just read Fabulous Fourteen yesterday. I have to be careful when I'm reading those because if I start to laugh out loud at something Beth will always ask 'what's so funny?' and I can never tell her as it is usually something innocent 10 year old ears wouldn't understand or should even hear ;) I think #4 is still my all-time favorite of the series. I'm waiting on Twilight from the library. They're pretty popular right now, so the list is rather long. The third Christopher Palin book, Brisingr, will be out on the 20th so I'll be buying that when we get home from our trip to GA. I watched an interview with him on the Borders website and there is evidently going to be a fourth book in the series too.

September 11, 2008  

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