Thursday, October 16, 2008

I keep forgetting to blog. What's up with that? I even write down things to blog about but never get around to it. I'm still in a funk without my laptop. I found out last week it's going to cost more than $700 to repair and it won't be ready for more than a week.

So what else is up...
- Politics and the economy are keeping us busy at work.
- I'm on a committee to redesign the newspaper. Yay!
- I finished Brisnger, the third of the Inheritance books. Loved it and can't wait for the 4th.
- I watched the rest of Tin Man over the weekend along with What Happens in Vegas, which was pretty cliche and lame. Have now moved on to The Wire Season 3.
- Had the house to myself over the weekend while mom was at a Moose convention. Didn't do any of the things I planned on after hitting the Rover on Friday and Saturday nights.
- Randi and I took Penny and Rocky to West New York's first arts and music fest on Sunday. Saw lots of people. It was kinda small and there wasn't such nice art (Hoboken has nicer stuff) but it was nice to see a community event like this in town. Everyone was loving our dogs, and Rocky made some friends with some cute little boys. They didn't want to pet Penny!
- Tivo is behaving properly and recording my shows. My fave right now is True Blood.

Tomorrow I need to start getting ready for Randi's birthday. I'm baking her a cake and I think we're having the family over Saturday afternoon. The house needs cleaning and there's dog hair everywhere! Anyone want to come help?


Blogger clc said...

Tell Randi Happy Birthday from one of your imaginary friends ;)

October 18, 2008  

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