Monday, October 27, 2008

Scary stuff!

It's almost Halloween! I haven't been this excited about Halloween since I was a kid. Mostly because I have parties to go to on Friday and Saturday and two different costumes! On Friday, my friend Steph and I are going to be Merlotte's waitresses with vampire fangs. (Merlotte's is the bar on True Blood). I got our t-shirts and Tru Blood buttons from Cafepress. Then on Saturday, I'm going to another party with Randi. We went shopping this weekend and got Viking costumes and big swords! That should be fun!

Yesterday, we went to the Moose Lodge Halloween party where they had Afternoon at the Races. It's kinda hard to explain. There's a big square grid on the floor. Each kid is a jockey. The mc rolls some dice to determine how much each kid moves until someone reaches the end of the grid. The grown ups all bet on the jockeys, who have different odds. Then you win Moose bucks and pick out stuff from the prize table. All the money goes to some charity. It was cute to see the kids dressed up, including my nieces Ariel 1 and Ariel 2.

While we were out costume shopping, we found the cutest place, Sweet Avenue Bake Shoppe, where they make yummy (but pricey) cupcakes. Check out how good these look. Otherwise it was a pretty quiet weekend. I stayed home Saturday night with the dogs while Randi and Mom got soaked at the Memrial football game. I've been reading the Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao. It's such a great book - lots of New Jersey, Rutgers and even Bergenline Ave. here in WNY in it.

And I did a lot of scrapping this weekend! I've got my laptop & EHD set up so I can scrap on the couch again!

Last night, the MGL scraps team had a speed scrap at SBG and here's what I came up with based on their rules. It's been ages since I've done a speed scrap! Credits

I scrapped Penny's bee costume for a Fontologie play day. I was going to go look for a kit with bees in it at SBG and there was Dana's TwirlyGig right on the front page! Credits

Jenn Trippitti has a new kit called Halloweenies out. I love her cute little monsters. Perfect for some of my photos from the party this weekend! Credits
Here are the jockeys. Credits.
And here are my crazy monster nieces. Don't worry about Kylie. She's usually the bully of the pair. I just didn't catch her with the camera while they were fighting! LOL! This Holly McCaig's collab with Chirpi called Closet Monsters, now at her new store Holly McCaig Designs! Credits


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