Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Walk for the Cure weekend

This weekend was exhausting! I finally feel somewhat energetic today and my feet have recovered after aching so much.

Our yard sale on Saturday was a bust. The weather wasn't so great, so maybe that kept people away. My brother's town had a town-wide sale and his address was listed in a directory. But his house isn't on a main street so we didn't get a lot of traffic. We got a bunch of people looking for specific things: broken computers, costume jewelery, lotions or soaps - all stuff we didn't bring. My dad made the most money. Mike sold dad's washing machines and some of his power tools. Mike got rid of a shelf, an old step machine and some tools. Grandma came in third with about $16.50 made off old records. I made about $15 and Randi about $13. I did at least get rid of an old lamp that has been sitting around forever and a few VHS tapes. But I ended up hauling all of my stuff back to the house. Randi dropped off a bunch of it at Salvation Army. We just hate throwing stuff away.

These are some of my mom's old records! I found a few that I kept by the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Simon & Garfunkel. I might ask Grandma for the rest that didn't sell since I just love old vinyls. My favorite thing is my mom's list of records.

As usual when I need to get up early, I didn't sleep much the night before. So I crashed after I got home for a few hours and then watched the first disc of Tin Man. Really cool TV mini series that puts a different spin on the Wizard of Oz. Can't wait for the next DVD to get here!

The walk on Sunday was a lot of fun. It was pouring up here, but the weather was warm down in Jackson at Six Flags. The walk was a little shorter - 4Ks instead of 5Ks. And it seemed to me that there weren't as many sponsor booths or as much free stuff. Wonder if it's because of the economy?

Poor Randi had to drive us home while we all slept in the car! I took another long nap after the walk. The girls were here and I couldn't deal with the noise or watching Cinderella II again so I hid in my room. Didn't stop Taylor from visiting me a few times. LOL!

But anyway, we raised about $500 as a team and that is just great! My aunt and grandma (the ones in pink hats) are both survivors and I love that we do this as a family. We've had a rough few months since my other aunt's accidents, so it was good to get out and spend some time together.


Blogger Priscilla said...

What a great thing to do together as a family!
I need to have a garage sale here - I'm terrible at not throwing things out....- what if I need it someday? lol!

October 07, 2008  
Blogger Kim said...

That's so great that you guys raised that much money, Robin!!

Sorry to hear your yard sale didn't go so well. We've never had one. What we don't give to family, we just donate to various area charities and go for the tax deduction! LOL

Love the shot of the records and the list! Looks like the makings of a fab layout! :)

October 07, 2008  

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