Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election hangover

I am so exhausted after work last night. It's like having a hangover without having had any drinks. But it was really exciting to be in the newsroom. Presidential elections are sort of like Christmas. The room is filled with people you don't usually see at night and there's catering!

I had a pretty long day to begin with. Taylor's school was closed so she was here with me. We worked on a scrapbook-type storybook she won at the Moose party. It was fun to play with glue and stickers. Then she came with me to the polls so I could vote. When I asked her questions about Election Day. I asked if she knew what the president does and she said, "He's in charge of the whole world."

At work, I had spent the last few shifts putting together the layouts for our local races. But then I was assigned to the B section front, which had a lot of stories on the national race and voting that needed updating throughout the night. Kept me pretty busy. We were pretty anxious as the polls started closing and the tallies started coming in. And around 11 p.m., AP and CNN called the race for Obama and there was a real feeling of excitement in the air! I was there until around 2 a.m. making changes and updating my electoral map. So you can probably imagine why I'm so tired that it hurts today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so neat Robin! It makes me wish I was in journalism at a time like this, how exciting!!

November 05, 2008  

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