Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Hauntings!

I haven't had so much fun for Halloween since I was in grade school! I started out taking Penny out on Bergenline for a walk in her coustume. We saw lots of preschoolers (who were also on leashes) who were very excited to see her!

After a rough night at work, I went to the part at the Wild Rover. My friend Steph and I had on our Merlotte's shirts from True Blood, some buttons and fang marks on our necks. (Oh man I'm watching right now and it is GROSS!) We were supposed to be wearing makeup and fangs but things got crazy and the fangs didn't stick. But people who knew the show liked our costumes!
Here I am with my friend Marie the Hockey Mom Palin. And here are some more of my favorite costumes from Friday night.
My friend Josh was Hunter S. Thompson. He was just happy I knew who he was!
And Francie was a human woopie cushion.
And the Joker showed up in his Jokermobile to fight Batman.

On Saturday, Randi and I went to another party thrown by some people she works with. Saw a lot of old friends there. We went as viking sisters!
Here are some more fun costumes from that party ...

My sister was a big fan of Rocky IV as a kid so she loved this Drago costume!
And we went to an after party at "Santa's" house. Santa was in good "spirits."


Blogger Sarah96 said...

looks like you had a wonderful Halloween!!

November 03, 2008  
Blogger Melinda said...

looks like you had a really fun weekend!

November 03, 2008  

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