Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Thankgiving! I think Turkey Day has to be one of my favorites. Nothing like getting together with people you love and eating all day long! This year's holiday was just filled with lots of fun and crazy moments that I need to scrap.

- I got up early to watch the parade. I am such a kid - loved the Smurf and got teary during Kermit's song. And I loved that the parade got Rickrolled!
- Aunt Eileen and Uncle Bruce were the first to arrive and Penny and Rocky fought for their attention. Good thing they are animal people (they are the ones with 4 horses) because our pups don't care about personal space!
- The girls arrived with new art for my mom. Taylor made a picture saying "I am thankful for my Grandma," which she told her mom she thought of all by herself. And Kylie made a very cute wreath of leaves.
- We had such good food. Grandma's turkey was awesome and mom's green bean caserole was the best ever after she changed up the recipe.
- After dinner, Mike and Uncle Rob discovered our kitchen sink was leaking out into the backyard. We have a plummer coming tomorrow.
- The dogs got a hold of a turkey carcass. Penny was hanging off of the turkey in Rocky's mouth when Randi caught him.
- My cousin Melissa took some awesome photos (all the ones in this post including this one I like of me and Penny), so I got out the laptop to steal some. Got some new photos from Vesna's camera too. I also showed my cousin some of the old photos I had scanned that they hadn't seen.
- Taylor, Kylie, Vez and Melissa were all wearing black Cons, so I had to put mine on, too!
- Just as I was getting ready to leave, Taylor, my aunts and cousins were all trying each on each others shoes and piling them up in the middle of the room. Just another crazy, weird moment with the fam.
I was sad to leave for work, but we had a really great time there! Everyone brought great food. My boss made awesome sweet potatoes and a broccolli casserole. We also had a salad bar, the best green olives I've ever had, homemade bread, corn, greenbeans, two kinds of homemade stuffing, quiche, and lots more stuff. Lots of dessert too - and everyone LOVED my cheesecake. I was worried because I hadn't made it in so long. But some of my co-workers thought I should go into business!!!

I did a little online shopping on Black Friday. Got some good deals on digi cams for Mom and Randi. I am thinking about getting myself a printer too. (Sale until Monday!). I did a little more shopping today - some shirts for myself and a baby stroller for Lucia. Mom got her a matching baby doll. (She always loves to play with the ones we have here.)
Today has been weird. I slept really late - until 1:30! Then Randi and I saw Australia, which I loved. Great cast, great Baz Lurhmann touches. Mom and I hit some stores and had leftovers for a late dinner. I guess it's just weird because I missed most of the day. I'm still so wired.

And I love Thankgiving because of all the leftovers! Now I'm having some of Randi's cheesecake - also awesome (Grandma had made one too!) - and some leftover white cranberry wine! Yum!
Going to read more about Sookie Stackhouse - I'm up to Definitely Dead. Can't put these books down.


Blogger Kim said...

So glad you had such a great holiday, Robin!

Fabulous layouts below, especially the Christmas one! Awesome kit, and I love all the pictures!

November 30, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Great photo and you with Penny and the one of all the shoes made me smile! Sounds like a fun day with your family!

December 06, 2008  

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