Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas craftiness

Lots of things to share that I've been up to ...
I love this photo I took of Penny while I was working on some crafty stuff. She was originally sitting up on the arm, which would have been nicer, but she moved when I went to grab the camera. And yes, she pretty much sits wherever she wants.
And here she was in the snow Friday. She's not a big fan.
These are some cute little boxes I decorated.
And these were metal oranments I got in Target last year but never finished. The top left one was the only one I did last year. I didn't really keep track of what I was using for credits ... but I will say Randi was very impressed, asking how I came up with these ideas. And I love my crop-o-dile!
I made these for the doggies.
I made these for me and Randi. They look much better at a distance!

I designed the M and cut it out for Randi for a project she's working on.

And here are some pages I never got around to posting...
This was for a Franziska Altmann play day. The artwork is by Taylor & Kylie. Credits
I love this photo of my aunt - I thought the light was so cool! Credits
And this was for a studio start on Christmas traditions. Some of my faves include: hanging my favorite ornaments, baking cookies, opening gifts and having breakfast Christmas morning, going to NYC with my sis, the way my brother throws paper at me, and watching movies.


Blogger Amanda Ann said...

I love all the layouts and crafts you did! Too cool!!

December 23, 2008  

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