Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I hate my sinuses

I have a stupid sinus cold the last few days. Last night, not only did my teeth hurt from the sinus pressure, but I could feel it in my eyeballs. And the stuffiness is keeping me from sleeping this morning. Well, I decided I would get up, make some tea and finish a page I was working on. I've been doing a little bit of catch-up scrapping because I wanted to include some events from the last year in this year's Christmas gift books.

Kylie's about to turn 3, and I never scrapped her 2nd party! I wasn't really happy with the photos, but Melinda's template helped me make the most of them. And I used lots of goodies by Michelle Godin who is retiring from designing and having a great big sale at SBG! Credits
Here's T on her first day of school. Glad Vesna got some cute photos! I used a kit by a new designer at SBG, Helene Douchet, who I think will be one of my new faves. Credits.
And this one was for a Jan Hosford play day. Mike and Taylor have started a tradition of making gingerbread houses for Christmas. Credits


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