Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reunions and Chicken Sauce

This has been an interesting weekend so far... and it's not done yet! Friday night, I met up with some friends from high school down in Weekhawken. I dragged Randi with me (after stopping first at a party at one of her fellow teacher's house. He makes great cider!). One of my friends set up the little reunion on Facebook and I think close to 30 people showed up! I saw some people I have seen in ages. One guy flew in from Minnesota! Here are some photos...

I woke up Saturday morning with laryngitis after all that celebrating. Worked on my Christmas cards (I know, I am behind!) and did a little shopping. Then we went to dinner for Mikey's 17th birthday. (He's my mom's best friend's son and they are like extended family.) Well, Mikey's brother Theo made the dinner. He was placing the dishes on the table, reaching over my head to place the chicken, and he spilled the sauce down the back and front of my sweater and all over my hair!!!!!! Good think there was lots of booze at this party because you just have to laugh when someone pours chicken sauce all over you!

Today is Kylie's 3rd birthday party, but I'm going to miss most of it because I need to take Penny for our 2nd week of training. I didn't know when the party was going to be when I signed up and I'm kicking myself for doing this during the holiday season. The last session ran long, so I hope I can get out of there on time.

I also got my new printer set up this morning! I got the Epson Artisan 700, which was on sale for Black Friday - much cheaper than the 800 that a lot of scrappers seem to be raving about. Older model is fine by me! It seems to scan and print just fine so far!

I've got the next two days off, so Randi and I plan to go to NYC tomorrow for our annual trip to Rockefeller Center. I still have so much to get done. Crafts to make. Cookies to bake. A few gifts to buy. We still need to do some decorating, t00. Our tree has two ornaments on it. One from my awesome friend Amy Kant, who snuck one in a package after I placed an order from her ArtFire store. (I'll wait until after Christmas to share... She also has great stuff up on Etsy!) And the other is frame with a photo of Penny (straight from the new printer) - her first ornament!


Blogger Amy said...

glad you liked the ornament! :) hope you feel better soon!

December 14, 2008  
Blogger clc said...

Have fun on the trip to Rockefeller Center! Wish I were there to see the tree again this year!

December 15, 2008  

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