Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rockin' with Amanda & Co.

On Saturday, I got to hang out with my plurking, crafty, vampire-lovin' friend Amanda Dunn! She was visiting New York City for the weekend with her husband, Chris, daughter Haley and stepdaughter, Kaitlynn. We met up for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square, which I hadn't been to yet. I was admiring the Beatles' suits in the entrance when Amanda surprised me. One thing I love about meeting my online friends is that it feels like I've known them forever. I talk to Amanda just about everyday on plurk so it really does seem that way.
Well, Amanda and her family are just awesome. Haley is such a little cutie pie. She's so smart and funny, even if she was a little shy. We all talked about music (can't help that at the Hard Rock) and my old neighborhood up in Connecticut, where the Dunns now live. And Amanda and I wondered what our other plurk pals were up to, since Amy was visiting Holly, too.

Amanda and I were both excited to see the Abbey Road doors and all the other Beatles stuff. I swear they gave me chills! The Hard Rock had a cool wall of guitars. We were sitting surrounded by some stuff from Prince, Madonna, Freddy Mercury and Lenny Kravitz.

After lunch , the Dunns were off to Toys R Us and some more site seeing and I got back on the bus to Jersey, but not before taking some photos. Here I am with the gals...
Here are some more pics from the Hard Rock...
Paul's bag
Abbey Road doors
George's guitarPaul's bass


Blogger Amanda Ann said...

I had such an awesome time!! I am SO glad we got to meet face to face! <3

January 04, 2009  

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